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About us

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Beat The Street USA have created a new fleet of double decker and single decker luxury sleeper buses for the entertainment industry which are working across the USA and Canada. We have 16, 14 and 12 berth band and crew buses on offer with star buses to come.

Our first offer – 16 and 14 berth double deckers using the latest model Van Hool buses – are now out on the road, along with 12 berth, single slide Prevosts. Interiors for all Beat The Street buses are individually designed by us and built using modern designs throughout. They encompass top line luxury design features and offer the quality and comfort expected by touring artists from around the world.

If you have any special requirements for a sleeper coach, please contact us, we will be more than happy to help.

High quality

We use the highest quality materials for the interior and upholstery, fit state of the art entertainment systems and use top quality
bed linen.


Interiors for all our buses are individually designed by us, and built using modern wooddesigns throughout. They encompass top line luxury design features. We are also open
to special requests.

The best drivers

We pride ourselves on employing drivers of the highest calibre. We know the importance of them fitting in with the touring team, and helping to make sure everything goes smoothly and
problem free.


Our aim is to make any band or crew member feel as comfortable as possible whilst touring.


We respond promptly to tour requests and identify all costs up front so that budgets can be managed easily.

… the road has got me
hypnotised I am speeding
into a new sunrise

– Jörg Philipp
Founder of Beat the Street